Our Grills

Gemini Pool & Spa offers the most efficient, durable, technologically-advanced grills available today. Only one grill in America has the Infra-Red formula -- TEC. TEC developed the technology that cooks like no other grill, locking in savory juices so food tastes tender, juicier, just plain better. Please visit our show room to see many of the TEC Grills offered by Gemini Pool & Spa.

What is Infra-Red?

Most gas grills cook with convection. They heat the air to cook food, more like baking in an oven. TEC® grills are different. TEC® gas grills use infra-red energy to heat the food directly. The heat is so consistent, so intense that it sears the food so juices stay in.

Infra-Red Eliminates Dried-Out Foods.

The conventional gas grill cooks with the lid closed so it can heat the air around the food. This exposes meat to hot, dry air for long periods of time. Naturally, food dries out. TEC®'s infra-red radiant heat is much hotter. TEC® cooks with the hood open -- there's no hot air to dry out food.

Infra-Red Prevents Flare-up.

We don't like flare-up either -- it's one of the surest ways to ruin the taste of food. That's why we do three things to eliminate flare-up. First -- we don't use lava rocks -- a natural cause of flare-up because the rocks collect drippings. Second -- our channeled cooking grid catches juices, and cooks them back into the food, so less juice bounces onto the burner. And third -- our infra-red energy is so hot it vaporizes juices before they flare-up.

Infra-Red Eliminates Hot Spots.

Because the burners on most grills are little tubes that concentrate flames in small areas -- they're hotter in some spots than others. Not TEC®. Our burners are unique ceramic tiles with more than 30,000 ports of infra-red energy that distribute an even blanket of heat, so there are no frustrating hot spots.

Infra-Red Cuts Cooking Time In Half.

Our infra-red gas grills are ready to cook in three minutes -- much faster than other gas grills. And, because TEC® cooks with two to three times the intensity of average gas grills (1,650° F on high fire) food cooks as much as 50% faster -- a big plus for busy lifestyles. Cooking faster not only saves time, it keeps the food juicier.

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